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A mid-weighted disc for enhanced weed control in a broad range of soil types.

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A mid-weighted disc for enhanced weed control in a broad range of soil types.


The most versatile of the Kelly Disc Chains.


Cast Link - A powerful new disc for rough conditions and heavy soils.


Our standard, tried and tested workhorse.


This heavy duty spiked disc chain combines effectiveness with utility.

Why the Kelly Tillage System is used all over the world

Save costs with our approach to stubble management

Unique and cost effective
weed control

Make a smooth and
perfect seedbed

Pasture & cover
crop seeding

Tillage System

Whether it’s residue management, weed control, moisture incorporation or creating that perfect seedbed prior to planting, the unique diamond shaped Kelly Tillage System offers a wide array of ground engaging disc chains to satisfy your year-round light tillage requirements. The Kelly Tillage System is the ultimate tool for seedbed preparation without the high costs of traditional tillage methods. With a well-earned reputation for strength and reliability, this is a tool that was developed by farmers, for farmers.

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Residue Management

Strong, fast and efficient: the Kelly Tillage System is the ultimate tool.

Shallow-working tillage technology can mulch and incorporate residues in one pass, saving time and energy. Kelly Disc Chains break stubble and split internodes to accelerate biological decomposition, leaving an insulating mulch layer and returning nutrients to the seedbed. 

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Keith Freeland
Keith Freeland
Palestine, Arkansas - USA
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My farms are around 6000 acres of corn, rice, milo & soybeans. I had a Kelly Diamond Harrow on my farm for a number of years and I totally recommend it. The Humdinger does not compare and is no where near the product of a Kelly Diamond Harrow.
David Godfrey
David Godfrey
Hudson, Missouri - USA
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I bought the Kelly Tillage System in 2014 for the sole purpose of being a stalk crusher. I knew with the new genetics the stalks were so tough they needed to do something to help get those beat down and be ready for next year’s soybeans. Since that point we exclusively run this a second time in the spring when they are able to go right into the field and plant.
Marcus Glitz
Marcus Glitz
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From our point of view, this machine is still the only one in the world that cuts across the full width of the machine and has an optimal ground following ability.

There is absolutely no alternative to this machine and is universal in its applications

David Gillett
David Gillett
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I purchased the Kelly Diamond Harrow for weed control and trash management. They were convinced if they did not start doing light mechanical tillage they would run into the problem of chemical and summer spray resistance. The machine is producing a lovely job on mulching the soil down and also taking out the summer weeds.
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