Kelly Prickle Chain Modules

Strength and reliability, to just get on with the job


Strong, light and adaptable these trailing modules give a one pass levelling and closing for efficient seeding and tillage.  They are also recognised as having a packing effect to provide optimum seed to soil contact for even germination.

Technical Specifications

The Prickle Chain


In our Diamond configuration there are 132 spikes per metre of coverage. Double the competition.

20mm welded chain with 20mm K1045 grade steel spikes welded through the link. 4 spikes per link, 300 mm rolling diameter.

The Frame


This is the strongest prickle chain frame on the market.

High grade RHS and plate are combined to produce a strong and durable frame.

Sections include 150×100 RHS in 5 and 6 mm wall thickness. Profile and Laser cut plates are used to give strength, functionality and a professional appearance.

The rugged and reliable frames have been strengthened and improved to withstand the extra stresses encountered with the Disc Chain. Each year millions of hectares of experience help to keep our product ahead of the game.

The Wheels


Increasing demand on our machines has led us to offer a range of wheel options.

On our 60 models we fit the heavy duty BKT 16.5/85×24 16pr lug tyre as standard.
We now offer an alternative transport wheel option. BKT 550/60×22.5 wheels.
The 50 is standard with BKT 15.5/85×24 wheels all round. It will now accommodate 385/65×22.5 wheels in the centre.

The popular 30, 40 and 45 models come standard with BKT 15.0/85×18 implement tyres.
For extended road work we offer 385/65×22.5 wheels in the centre.

Hydraulic Fold


Folds totally from tractor seat – user friendly.

All Models use two pairs of 1/2” ISO standard hydraulic couplings. Larger models incorporate a multi stage sequence valve to manage the folding and unfolding operations. Theses customised manifolds incorporate safety features for burst protection and operator safety. High quality Ryco hose and fittings are used exclusively.



Special Build sizes to suit air seeder widths are available by negotiation.

PJ Green – Small Seed Air Seeder for spreading granulated chemicals or sowing small seeds.
By purchasing both mulching and prickle chains the Kelly Diamond Frame is a versatile and cost effective implement.
All specifications are subject to change without notice and in no way infer an obligation to make any changes retrospective.

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